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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Well, 2021 is finally arrived, and so has my website launch! I am excited to offer a space where I can merge my love of yoga, energy work and eastern philosophy with my profession/passion of psychotherapy (with some added sparkle, as always, because life seems better with some color).

The website lists a handful of services I am offering to our beautiful community ranging for one on one eastern infused psychotherapy sessions, to private yoga sessions to mentoring yoga teachers or energy gurus/light workers.

Aside from services, JaredRowan.Com will also be a landing pad for YOU to center and align to your truest self via narrative medicine, psychology, energy/chakra awareness (more on that later) and movement. In addition to a narrative self-help, self-care and spiritual centered blog, there is also options to purchase healing sessions and centering totems (on the merchandise tab).

If I lost you at all, here is the take away: the website offers personalized one on one care with myself as well as tools and techniques for aligning and centering you throughout the year.

I promise I have much more in store, but for now, I leave you with peace, love and light. Let’s VIBRATE HIGHER, together.



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