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COMPARISON * is * the * THIEF * of * JOY

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

One habit I am dedicating change to this 2021 season is making memories not capturing then. I recently spoke with a dear friend of mine over coffee, she is always a yoga instructor, and as we often do, we got together to talk about life, movement and living our yoga. Some of our discussion lead to what we witnessed on social media and the implied messages we took from the post (or our very own interpretations, which could be complete false narratives). However, one thing we questioned from the Instagram “highlight’s reel” (that’s the idea of posting all the great and wonderful things we have going on, but neglecting the not so wonderful) was WHY?

Why do we feel the need to document and showcase every part of our lives? Specifically, what friends we are sharing meals and time with, what new high-end toy we bought or how svelte we look in our string bikinis? How you ever been scrolling along Instagram and saw a post and said to yourself, “I wish I looked like her!” “I wish I did things in my life like that…” “I wish I had all the friends he has.” What we do to ourselves when we ask such questions is stealing (in yoga well call this ethical principal, non-stealing – one that we strive to attain). But looking outward we often feel we come up short – and that does not feel good. Furthermore, by me posting about all the great joys in my life did you ever go to think that your very post may be stealing from the moment you in, telling yourself you can’t experience an amazing moment without documenting it for your social world to see. Sounds silly, huh!? I’m not say don’t post, I’m just saying consider what you’re posting and what messages you’re sending.

So, for this reason 2021 will be POST LESS when it comes to my personal life. Instead of capture memories this year, I’ll be creating and enjoying them present moment. Who’s with me?

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