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Updated: Jan 1, 2021

My manifestation word this year is Saucha or Purity. I have chosen this word because of all the murkiness that 2020 brought. There were some scary experiences, some personal mis-steps, some moments of over stuffing my schedule and lack of drive.

I have decided to utilize purity in my physical health – avoiding all mood-altering mind-altering substances. That means minimal to no caffeine, no alcohol and no to any substances which may shift and remove my clarity. I will engage in some shape of movement and watch my eating habits a bit more closely. I have also decided to cleanse my mind through daily practices of meditation and reading. My heart will become pure through acts of service to others, moments of love for myself and manifestation exercises. Social media will also be honed in on, reducing my screen time and never starting my day with social media. Along the way I will keep this word in my spirit and hope it translates through all my thoughts, words and actions.

If a whole year w/o alcohol or caffeine seems too lofty, try doing the month of January, notice how to feel and take note of the benefits. Ditto to meditation, or maybe a week without social media. Are you willing to try any of the above?

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Thank you! I just downloaded it.. I’ll try it out at bedtime!


Jared Rowan
Jared Rowan
Jan 04, 2021

Jen - I LOVE Insight Timer personally! Lots of options including LENGTH of time.


I’m looking to incorporate meditation into my 2021! Do you have any recommendations for podcasts or other forms of getting started with that?

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