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Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “Take the high road.” That very statement merged with literature on the Law of Attraction and Energy gave birth to the VIBRATE HIGHER Crew Sweatshirts.

To Take the High Roads means to elevate yourself beyond negative energy, to remove your self from interactions which do not serve your spirit and to put yourself in an energy flow that is filled with abundance, joy and compassion.

The Law of Attraction is quantum mechanics, belief it or not (an outcome does not exist unless the observer views the image or experience). The Law of Attraction teaches us that to get good things we have to belief we are capable of manifesting those good things. Another spin on this is the energy you put out reflects back to you. If you vibrate in pessimism, hopelessness or victimization you stay on that vibration.

We are all capable of engaging fully in both these ideas. Taking the high road does not mean you are passive or a doormat. It means you can objectively look at a situation and make an active choice to vibrate beyond that interaction – this may be engaging in a discussion imbued with kinds, setting a firm boundary or completely leaving the interaction all together. You have the power to choose what kind of energy you want to engage with.

Setting a vibration of manifestation takes both belief and effort. You have to first and foremost believe you are capable, worthy and powerful enough to manifest something your heart desires (a better outlook, self-esteem, fortune, love, to name a few). Then you have to but in the manifestation work, creating a ritual around your daily manifestation and intention setting – an easy one is journaling your desire daily as if you have already received it.

So, that was the birth of the VIBRATE HIGHER crew sweatshirts. Let them be a remind that you can vibrationally elevate your spirit if you choose to put in the work and effort.

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